Crafting Live Bolton 2018

Last week I decided to go to ‘Crafting Live Bolton‘. I hadn’t been to any of these shows before and was not sure what to expect. My Diamond member status on Create and Craft meant that I had free tickets, and it seemed silly not to take advantage of them.

There was about a 20 minute queue to get in on Friday, this meant that I started talking to complete strangers. It’s amazing how putting crafters together means that they will always chat. Once in I went straight to the free gift stand that was at the back of the arena. I got some lovely jeweled animal print card.

I then decided to have a wander around the stalls. Every stall had discounts, so it didn’t really matter what your craft is, you could save money. Well, except for jewellery making, unfortunately, there were no stalls specifically for that.

At this point, I bought some things from the £1 stall. They had amazing embossing folders and paper pads. Talking to them I found out about the cloakroom, a local charity was running it, and it was £1 for 3 bags to store. I found myself going back and forth to this a lot. I also got the £20 goody bag from Create and Craft that had over £100 worth of goodies in it. Definitely a bargain.

I have been experimenting recently with screen printing and jewellery. I knew I had to Screen Sensation Masterclassdo the Screen Sensation masterclass, a complete bargain where you came away with the unit, a screen, fixing tape, ink and more importantly, knowledge. (You even got a second screen for filling in a form to sign up for their newsletter.) Wendy led the masterclass and was great at explaining how to use it properly.

Screen Sensation Masterclass (2)




She answered all the questions that I had about using the inks on different surfaces. I had previously had some difficulty with polymer clay, and she explained how this had happened. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in this craft. I thought I knew a lot about screen printing already but learned a lot during this masterclass.


There were lots of free make and takes available, as long as you got tickets for them. Stampers Grove Make and TakeTypically, the Pinflair one sold out immediately, as that had been my first choice. I decided to do the Stampers Grove one, as stamping is something that I am learning. This was a very fun little make and take using Brusho paint. It’s amazing how adding water to that powder makes lovely marbled images. The demonstrator was very interesting and explained everything well. Again putting crafters together meant that we chatted. Going to this event by myself I was worried that this wouldn’t happen. Everyone was so friendly, and happy to be there.

I did enjoy the day. I was there from 10 am to 2:30 pm, so that shows that there was enough to occupy me for that long. I think I will be going again next year.

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