An Exciting Opportunity

You may have noticed that I haven’t written for a while. I have been spending this time following tutorials and learning new techniques. It is difficult to write a blog about my creative process when I am using others work to improve myself.

Something exciting has happened to me recently, however, I am now part of the content and design team at Create and Craft TV. How did this happen? Well, this is my story.

Back in October, the Create and Craft FB page asked for people to apply for the role of craft demonstrator. It didn’t mention that jewellery making was a craft that they wanted but I thought ‘why not?’. So I sent an email with information about the techniques I am good at and some photos of my best recent work. I heard back practically straight away, they liked my work and would get back to me.

In January I was asked to go for a screen test. (gulp) This would involve me demonstrating a project. So I booked a hotel in Peterborough and tried to think of what


The ladies and Dan at the screen test day.

would be best to demonstrate. (I decided on macrame, as I suspect I could do that by muscle memory alone by now).


On the day I found that it wasn’t just me being screen tested. Lots of lovely ladies who are experts in their fields were also there. In fact, because of all their wonderful demonstrations on paper crafting, I have started to do card making! Our names were pulled out of a hat to determine the order that we were to go in. I was the last one to demonstrate. By that time all my nerves had gone. The lovely Dan Bancroft made the demonstration easy and enjoyable. The day was really nice, spending time with other crafters. When I left I thought that it was a worthwhile experience whether I got the job or not.

I got some lovely feedback on my performance in an email, initially reading it I thought that’s nice of them to do for saying ‘thanks but no thanks’. I was so wrong, they wanted me to join the team to write content for their website. I was ecstatic. This news made my year.

I was then asked to go to a photoshoot with the other ladies. So down to Peterborough I went to spend a fun morning posing for the group photoshoot. There was lots of downtime to talk to the other ladies. In fact, we all got on so well that we have stayed in touch ever since. The photo is in the Create and Craft Club magazine issue 25.

Create and Craft Club magazine photo

Since then I have had 2 tutorials published on the Create and Craft website. The great thing about these tutorials is that they are absolutely free to access. The first was for their 15th Birthday on the theme ‘illuminate’, what sparked my crafting journey. That had to be macrame, it introduced me to the idea that jewellery making could be more than just stringing beads. A multi-colour macrame bracelet tutorial, that can be found here.



Macrame bracelet blue green (2)
Multi Colour Macrame Bracelet

The next tutorial was for a DIY Mothers Day theme for Create and Craft USA. A pretty amethyst star earrings tutorial suitable for beginners. The tutorial can be found here.



Amethyst Star Earrings finished (3)
Amethyst Star Earrings

I really enjoy writing tutorials, and this exciting opportunity with Create and Craft is a perfect fit for me.








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  1. juliakwalton says:

    How exciting! Well done indeed on your new venture :o)


  2. Wow what an opportunity, very exciting, well done!

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