Adventures in Instagram

shape quoteRecently I got an Ipad, this meant that I could now join the wonderful world of Instagram. The question was, how to use it, and how to be successful at it. (Granted I am still learning the last bit) I decided to have a page purely for my business, Serendipity Finch Jewellery.

Photographs of the latest products in my shops and various other bits, like quotes. I found out pretty quickly that using # words that specifically described the jewellery were only being found by other jewellery makers. I am still looking for those magic keywords that get customers.

When I was taking photos I found myself wanting to share more of my life, I am a geek and wanted to portray that in Instagram. Obviously, on a business feed I couldn’t post copyrighted material. So I decided on my personal Instagram, angela_ook. (Ook, being a reference to my librarian background). Everything was going swimmingly that is until I was hacked. Yep, hacked, I only found out about it when Instagram kindly sent me a message saying I’d changed my name and password. Nowhere on the internet could I find advice on what to do. I couldn’t log into my account as the password had been changed, and so had the email address associated with it.

I decided to post on my business Instagram what had happened. I asked advice in FB sparkgroups. Eventually, I reported the feed, and got my friends to report it to, saying it had stolen my identity. It was taken down, much to my relief.

I decided to take this whole thing as a learning experience. It did not deter me, I made sure my business Instagram had a new, very, very safe password. And I started up angela_ook again. I tend to put a lot of my work in progress on there, my inspirations, and other thoughts. That feed is more about the jewellery making process than my business one.

On a lighter note, I have put a tutorial for sale in my Etsy shop. marble tutorialThis one is perfect for beginners and teaches how to cage a marble in wire. It is 8 pages long and has clear photographs for each step of the project.

I have also started my creating timetable again to motivate me to make more. This is when I choose a technique or theme to do each day of the week. This helps me not to concentrate on just one method of jewellery making. And so far it is working.

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  1. knottedstar says:

    Having also recently joined instagram I am also trying to find the right keywords! It is much harder than I thought!


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