Dragon Eyes (or messing about with nail varnish)

At a recent jewellery making group meeting in Accrington, I happened to mention that wirework dragon eyes were something that I wanted to make in future. I asked where they all got their eye glass cabs from, as we often share the name of our suppliers. Margaret said she painted her own and offered to teach it at the next meeting.

So the next meeting we had a lovely time painting glass cabs with nail varnish. Margaret is adragon eyes logo really good teacher, and it’s worth going to any of her workshops at Space2Make. All you need are cocktail sticks and lots of colours of nail varnishes. Oh, and nail polish removal as it will get everywhere. These are the ones I created at the workshop.

I then just had to start creating a wirework eye using one of these cabs. The question was what style to start with, as there are that many out there. I decided to follow a tutorial by Sue Mason-Burns of a broach that had appeared in Making Jewellery Magazine. I got to about step 3 and then decided to go my own way. I encourage you all to not be afraid to go your own way when following tutorials. They are meant to encourage your creativity as well as teach new techniques. I used silver plated copper to create the eye frame.

Creating the eye was a learning experience, especially working out the best place to put the jump ring for the necklace. The weight is not distributed evenly in this pendant, and that did cause some problems. In future, I will add in a wire wrapped bail. This pendant is purely for me, though I do plan to create more.

After creating this eye, I decided to have a go at painting more of the glass cabs at home. IMG_0057This was mainly to discover which colours worked well together. Not all of them were successful, but I had a lot of fun painting them and that is the main thing. Not every craft you attempt with go right first time, the important thing is to enjoy yourself.






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