Kumihimo Flower Necklace

I’ve been quiet recently because I have been writing tutorials for Bead and Jewellery Magazine. It all started because of the blog post I wrote about the problems I Bead and Jewellery Magazine Issue 78encountered using sari silk with kumihimo. The kumihimo flower necklace tutorial was a progression from this. I was really pleased to find that this project even made the cover, issue 79.

The theme of the issue was ‘flower power’, I had many ideas how to add flowers to the kumihimo. Initially my idea was 3 different flowers on the necklace, however, when I had created them it looked too, too much. So I was left with 2 extra wire flowers, and that is how the daisy necklace was created too. Sometimes something better comes from a plan that doesn’t turn out right. The thing I love about kumihimo with sari silk ribbon is that you never know what it is going to turn out like, I was pleasantly surprised with the green ribbon.

The blue sari silk was from JewelleryMaker, but they don’t seem to sell it anymore. I found a new supplier, YarnYarnYarns on Etsy. A great supplier whose sari silk is from an ethical source. The wire was from Wires and JewelleryMaker. The gorgeous flat sunstone beads were from Beads Direct.

I have decided to keep the purple and green necklace all for myself. The colours go with a lot of my clothes and its perfect for spring and summer.


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