Bookmark Workshop

Yes, it’s that time again, for my yearly visit to QEGS Blackburn Academy Trust library for their Book Week. Every year I teach a group of teenagers how to create wire wrapped gemstone bookmarks. This time 25 tickets were given out, a new record. A few students even attended this year who had been the previous year because they enjoyed the workshop so much. This meant that it had to be held in a different room with a slightly different table set up. We eventually decided to have 2 tables, one for the early students and one for those who arrived later. This method did work and we will probably use this again.


I like to show how anyone can do wirework, and that you don’t necessarily need lots of tools. In fact, the only tool the teenagers had was a pencil, yes, something as simple and cheap as a pencil. I only brought 2 tools with me, flush cutters and flat nose pliers. Mainly for tidying up the students finished bookmarks.

The students really enjoyed the workshop and wanted it to last longer. They liked it so much that some even asked if they could take extra kits. I didn’t manage to take photographs of the students finished bookmarks due to time constraints. However, I have blogged a few times about this style of bookmarks and its popularity amongst librarians to promote reading.


Student trying to figure out the loop section.


Librarian, Mrs Dewhurst commented that “I can vouch for it being a brilliant workshop – – an event I planned for during our Book Week. This is the third time for Angela to attend – – absolutely brilliant.”


Me and Mrs Dewhurst, taken by a student at the end of the workshop.




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