Pearl Knotting or Being Brave enough to change a previous creation

Over Christmas I lost my mojo. It’s amazing what can spark it again, this time it was adding a new extender chain on a pearl necklace for a customer. It brought back memories of when I went through a period of creating pearl necklaces, this was quite early on in my jewellery making journey. About 4 years ago, I had bought everything that I needed to knot all these necklaces. I had only managed to knot one necklace before my eye problems began. Working on a pearl necklace again spurred me on togold-pearl-and-citrine-necklace have another go at knotting.

I decided to start with this pearl and citrine necklace. It was pretty in itself but I really wanted to make it a knotted necklace. So I cut it up, it is really weird feeling destroying your own work, but I was comforted by the fact that I would hopefully make it better.

There are lots of methods of pearl knotting out there. I use the Beadalon Knot a Bead because I prefer to use both hands while knotting.


I had to watch a Youtube video to remind me how to use it, as obviously, I had not kept the box that had the instructions. After a few attempts that weren’t quite right, I got into the swing of it.

What really stood out to me with the finished necklace was that the citrine now really sparkle. The way the light can now access the citrine because of the knots made the necklace look really different to the original. Before it was the pearls that grabbed the attention, now I think it’s the citrine.


Knotting makes a necklace longer, so to create a 20 inch necklace I didn’t need to use all the beads on the original necklace. I was left with quite a few, but not enough to create a knotted bracelet to match. I decided to add some macrame with s-lon to give the bracelet a delicate look.

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Finally, I thought I would get out the earrings that went with the original pearl necklace to re-photograph. After looking at them, I realised that my jewellery making skills had increased since then. So I remade them and changed them slightly.

I was surprised how just a simple change, like knotting or taking out a pearl can have a bit impact on an old creation. The set will be available to buy in my Etsy shop shortly.






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  1. It looks stunning! I quite often go back after a period and rework my designs. It’s a strange feeling as you say, but it can be very liberating too.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it can feel very weird, but it is nice to see how far you’ve progressed.


  2. That looks really lovely, I’m a big fan of youtube it’s like a great big online instruction manual x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree, it is very handy when you lose instruction manuals.


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