Busy with Bookmarks

Recently I have been busy, mostly creating bookmarks and a tutorial. A local high school bookmarks-sept-2016-logolibrary orders some a few times a year to give to their students as prizes to promote reading. This time, I decided to ask her if she minded me offering them to other school libraries.She didn’t, and very kindly promoted my bookmarks online to other school librarians. I do a discount for school libraries because I like to promote reading. I am pleased to say that my gemstone bookmarks are now in 3 school libraries, being used to promote reading.

After creating so many bookmarks, I got in the mood to do something slightly different. I found some sword bookmark bases that I had bought a while back and had put in a safe place. (You know, that safe place that you completely forget about.) I love fantasy, both literature and screen. This means that I had an image in my mind of what a sword could look like, I decided to add a tassel. It’s amazing what one tassel can do to change the look of an item.

I was also lucky enough to create a tutorial for Shine Magazine Online (October 2016, p. 26), that is produced by Beads Direct.wire-pumpkin-necklace-logo The theme was Halloween, and I remembered a
wirework pumpkin pendant that I had created a couple of years ago using the chaos weave. It is always odd recreating something, as you always find ways to improve it.


Finally, I have got some new paracord colours. I got some reels from my local scrap store, and that has really helped with storage. I am really pleased with them and am looking forward to using them.


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