Jewellery Making in Company

Recent events have meant that I had stopped going to my local jewellery making group. Luckily, I have been able to attend for the past couple of months. I really enjoy the catch up with friends, the cake, and all the chat.

I decided one month to have a go at a tutorial at the group. One by the amazing Nicola BeerDSCN0882, that had been in ‘Making Jewellery’ magazine. I did not get very far at all, I think this is mainly because with tutorials, I need to concentrate more. Trying this tutorial at the group did have its perks, one of my friends introduced me to the wire straightener tool. I had never used it before, and was astounded at how well it worked.Cab leaves necklace logo


I finished the tutorial later, and added my own twist to it.



The next month, the theme of the group was ‘Red’. I had no idea what to take, so just picked up some red 1 mm copper wire with my usual tools. During the group I played with the wire, I had a vague idea of making some kind of ear cuff but that was all. I call the results my ‘squiggle’ pieces. I am really pleased with the ear cuff, and may do some more in different colours.


This months theme was ‘pearls’, I grabbed some random blue pearls from a bead scoop and some wire to take with me. During chatting I decided to create a heart pendant, I think that the jewellery making group is really inspirational. I always seem to create something there that’s different from my usual or get ideas from the other members of the group on how to improve something.

Blue pearl heart pendant logo

I recommend anyone to join their local jewellery making group. It’s great to meet like-minded people, somewhere you can chat about jewellery making with others who know what you are talking about. My local one is in Accrington, Lancashire at Space2Make.


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