Stars and Sun – Evolution of a Necklace

This month I had an interview to be a Guest Designer on Jewellerymaker TV. It went very well, and I was very pleased with what I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it because I was not right for Jewellerymaker at this present time. I think the main reason is that I am not a specialist in any particular medium, I prefer to dabble in many different ones.

For the interview I had to demonstrate a technique. My first thoughts where what to do, my strengths are in mixed media, and I wanted to createIMG_8794 something in that medium. I like the idea of using paracord weaves with different materials, and it evolved from there. I decided that the demonstration would be of the Aztec Sun Bar weave, it looks like stars or flowers.

I’ve had the idea of using star constellations as  an inspiration for a while now, and thought DSCN0940that this was the ideal time use it. I did a lot of research about which constellations could be seen in the UK at the moment. From this I decided to use Aquila (the eagle), Cygnus (the swan) and Lyra (the lute/harp). They appear in the sky in a certain order, so I decided that would be the start of an asymmetric necklace.

DSCN0944I used simple wire wrapping to create the constellations, using quartz beads for the position of the stars.

I then added the aztec sun bar weave that I had created with zari thread and satin cord. I thought it looked a bit much for a necklace. DSCN0949




I decided to use Cygus rather than Aquila as the main pendant, and removed the other two constellations.

I added a cute rocket design for the clasp to finish the piece off. Below are photographs of the finished necklace.

The Aztec Sun Bar weave is my new favourite paracord weave. I am currently using it to create a hat band for my new summer hat, this time using t-shirt yarn, satin cord, and suedette cord. There are plenty of YouTube videos available to learn it from. Below are some step by step photographs of the weave.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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