How to Wire Wrap a Candle

This wire wrapped candle will always have a special place in my heart. I created it for my Nanna and Grandads 70th wedding anniversary in May. At the time my Grandad had cancer, and the outlook was not good. I am sad to say that he died this month.

I wanted to create something special for them. They both loved their garden, so I knew it had to be something nature based. It was my Mum who came up with the idea of a candle. This candle would be purely decorative, as I knew they would never light it. This helped a lot with the design.

Most candle wraps use steel memory wire, but I wanted to go a different way. I liked the idea of70th candle wip the freedom of expression that you get with normal wire, so used a 1 mm silver plated copper wire as the structure. The wrapping was with a 0.4 mm silver plated copper wire. I created the structure first with random leaf shapes, these were tweaked as I went along.

I decided to simple wire wrap the structure. This was for 3 reasons:

  1. it looked nicer as it gave a more consistent look
  2. it enabled the adding of gemstones and flowers
  3. the wire stuck to the candle better.

I found that it was easier to wire wrap when the end was held in a ring clamp. This meant that I was not trying to keep the wire from turning while I wrapped it. There is a knack to neat wrapping, it can take concentration, but mainly it uses your nails to make sure there are no gaps between the wires. I also wrapped from the reel until the end of each leaf for ease of use.

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I wanted the 70 to be separate but also to have the same look as the vine. I decided, therefore, to only wrap the numbers and not the space in-between.

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To add the vine and the 70, I cut the structure wires at an angle and forced them into the candle. I would not recommend this method if you intend to burn the candle, but for purely decorative it does work.

Nanna and Grandad really liked their gift. So all the work was worth it.







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