Copper Sheet and Cosplay

My interview about kumihimo has been published in Bead and Jewellery magazine, issue 71. This is loosely based on the blog post I wrote about using sari silk to kumihimo.

Bead and Jewellery Magazine 71 portion
Bead and Jewellery Magazine, issue 71.


This month I have been on a copper sheet course, run by jewellery artist Gemma Crow. I had never used copper sheet before, but it did appeal because of my work with aluminium. My husband had won me the voucher for the course in December and I was looking forward to it. The course was in Birmingham, so I had to book a hotel, but it was worth it. Gemma Crow is a really good teacher, and is very easy to follow. She showed us how to turn a piece of copper sheet with a cabochon into a gorgeous bracelet.

Gemma taught cutting, filing, prong setting, riveting, polishing and patina, all in one day. This is a lot to take in and remember. I knew that if I took a pen and pad that I would not be sufficiently clear in my notes.  I decided to take my camera, and took a photo of every stage in the process. I think a camera is a definite must when going on any workshop. This gave me easy visual clues to follow for when I make more of these cuffs, or use any of the techniques again.

After we had created the bangle, the group was given time to experiment with the copper copper pendant logoand produce their own designs. I came up with this simple pendant design, that is so wearable. (In fact, I am wearing it right now.) I finished the wire wrapping and added the leather at home.

I have kept both of these jewellery pieces for myself, and have already worn them a lot.

Since the workshop I have invested in a bottle of Protectaclear. This stops the copper oxidising, and lasts for about 5 years after it is applied. It is really easy to use, and all you have to do afterwards is wait for it to dry.


Court of Owls cosplay
Court of Owls cosplay.

On a completely unrelated note, I attended the Starfury: Ultimates convention this month too. I had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones. Meeting Manu Bennett and Matt Ryan were definite highlights. (Those who follow this blog, know I love my Assassin’s Creed games, and meeting ‘Edward Kenway’ was very cool.) Another major highlight was our group cosplay on Saturday night as ‘The Court of Owls’ from the Batman comics. We freaked out a lot of other attendees. I’m the one on the right in the photograph.







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