A Necklace Just for Me

I wanted to create a necklace and earrings set just for me. I rarely make them items specifically for my use, usually I end up with the experiments that are not of sufficient quality to sell. It had to be a practical set, as I intend to wear them at a Copper Sheet Workshop with designer Gemma Crow. So nothing too statement, as that would get in the way of the work.

Pastel necklaceI hoard gemstones, think Smaug and you may be getting close to the size of my stash. Now and again, I have bought some high end gemstones with the intention of making myself something with them. I immediately went to them first to create my necklace. The ones I chose were: tanzanite, aquamarine, pearl, morganite and beryl. The colours went amazingly well together.

This was when I discovered that I was using the 2 ‘Pantone Colors of the Year‘. They are rose quartz – a delicate pink tone, and serenity – a delicate blue. Apparently they reflect connection and well being. It was an act of serendipity that I chose the colours that are the in colours of the year. I just like pastel colours, particularly in gemstones.

Now, you may have noticed that these are all very small gemstones, so I was restricted to what I could do with them. I did not want to use wirework, I did not have any 925 silver wire that these gemstones deserve. A simple stringing, though pretty, is not really my personal style. I decided on a traditional 3 strand weave. A simple weave, one of the first I ever did, but it looks so high end when finished. It works best when there are different shapes and textures of beads. I was worried this would not work because you need to thread 2 beading wires through one of the beads to make it work. Luckily both the beryl and the aquamarine had big enough holes for this.

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I am really very pleased with the finished piece, and have started wearing it already. The gemstones really sparkle in the sun.




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