Tree of Life with a moon

I have mentioned before in this blog about the jewellery making group I attend monthly at Craft and Crumpet in Accrington. Last month I had no jewellery on the go to take with me, so I grabbed some sunstone gemstone chips and wire. I enjoy making Trees of Life, mainly because you can be very artistic with them, and make them individual. They also have the added advantage that you can chat while making the initial stages, and put it down to enjoy chocolate cake.

The chatting and chocolate cake meant that I did not get very far in creating the pendant wip sunstone tree of lifein the group. This photo shows how far I got. I prefer to use my pliers to twist the wire, as it gives a more consistent look. I decided on a square frame as I had not done one before. I am always looking at ways to change up my jewellery making. If you have been following my creations, you may have noticed that I prefer silver to gold. Using gold plated copper wire this way is new to me.

A tree of life is a perfect first wirework project for a beginner, it is fun and relatively easy to create. I used 13 lengths of 0.4 mm wire for the tree, and 1 mm wire for the frame.

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I was surprisingly pleased with the finished look, the sunstone chips really go with the gold plated wire. I decided to leave it as a pendant, and purposely made the bail wide enough to fit most forms of necklace. This tree of life pendant is currently available in my Etsy shop.



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