Has anyone seen my mojo?

This month I have lost my mojo, can’t find it anywhere. It can happen at any time, or for any random reason. For me, this time the reason was grief. The creative side of me just refuses to come out and play. Even playing ‘Assassins Creed’ continually, and musing on how to create Ezio’s necklace did not help. (The necklace is a simple affair with black leather and silver beads) It can be a frustrating time for a jewellery maker, yes, you still remember all the project ideas you had previously. No, you have absolutely no urge to actually make them. At the time this happens, you think your mojo will never come back. Do not worry, the mojo always reappears eventually.

I found that my mojo had decided to go on holiday before I did, and came back from North

Husband at Cricceth Beach

Wales with me. I had a great time at SciFi Weekender, and a week exploring castles in Snowdonia. While we where there, my husband had a great idea that we really should take photos of my jewellery on the beach. Wonderful idea, only problem being that I didn’t take any of my stock with me, and only had the jewellery I wear regularly. The photograph really brings out the best in the necklace. I recommend if you live near a beach to use it for your photographs.

Gemstone chip necklace


When I came home I had to create a paracord bracelet for an order. Surprisingly, my mojo was back and I created 2 more. I even learnt a new paracord weave – Solomons Heart. This is a very simple weave, that if you are a beginner at paracord you will be able to do it. It is the basic square knot, except you reverse direction. There are YouTube tutorial videos on how to do the Solomons Heart.

Paracord bracelet trio logo.png

So, the lesson is, be patient, your mojo will return.


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  1. Glad to hear your mojo is back! The necklace looks beautiful against the beach stone.

    If I find that I can’t get interested in anything arty/crafty, I just sit down and play with my supplies or make a collage – just ‘turning up’ at the worktables seems to help 🙂


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