Bookmarks, bookmarks and bookmarks

I am a passionate reader, and a chartered librarian. I love books, and I adore sharing my love of books. A school librarian regularly buys gemstone bookmarks off me to give out as gemstone bookmarks 2 logo.pngprizes for reading. The teenagers really like the bookmarks, and this style seems to appeal to all. Using a gemstone bookmark gives a feeling of luxury while reading, because let’s face it, gemstones and books, that’s unusual.

These bookmarks are one of the first designs I ever created while wire wrapping. It is all about getting the best of the gemstones. I spend just as long choosing the gemstone and wire colour combination as I do creating the bookmarks.

The wrapping using the wire can be quite fiddly, but once you get in the swing of it, it does become second nature.

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I always make sure I soak the finished bookmarks in warm water with a bit of washing up liquid. This removes any dirt that may have attached itself, and any excess dye from the gemstones.

In March, I will be doing a workshop at the high school library during ‘Book Week’ to teach the teenagers how to create these beautiful bookmarks.





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