Macrame and Pearls

I have had an idea now for over a year for a bracelet. I wanted to create it with pearls and white beading wire. In my mind, it would be a more high end version of my normal herringbone weave bracelets, like the one in the photo. Haematite Red Macrame BraceletIt would be perfect for brides, and look very elegant. One problem, I could not find any suitable white beading wire until recently. (Thank you, Charming Beads.) This meant that I could not create the piece, and it’s been preying on my mind for ages.

The Herringbone Weave in macrame is a deceptively simple one. If you can do the square knot then you can create the Herringbone weave. The difficulty comes with keeping track of which strands have been used in what order. I use my macrame board to help with this, as it keeps the strands out of the way.

At this point I usually post photos of the creation of the jewellery. Only this time I had problems taking decent photos of my work in progress. The lustre was so great on the pearls meant that it was impossible without my light box to take decent photos. They all came out pure white. I managed to take 3 that are clear, I hope they give enough of an idea of the creation progress.

I am quite pleased with the finished product, the finished bracelet does look as good as I thought it would.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now to start on the other projects that have been on my mind for a while.






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  1. That’s very kind of you to mention Charming Beads 🙂


    1. Not at all, I was very grateful to finally find some in that colour.


  2. Wow that’s really pretty, it looks so intricate. Well done 🙂


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