Sore Thumbs and Luck

You may be wondering why I haven’t blogged about my jewellery recently, this is because I have had sore thumbs for nearly a month. How? You may ask, well, its to do with Christmas shopping. I decided to go to The Trafford Centre with my husband to shop for presents. Now, the Trafford Centre is a really big shopping centre, and I thought it would be best to use my wheelchair to save my back. I do not use my wheelchair that often, but it comes in really useful when I have to walk a long way.

Now the thing that nobody tells you about using your wheelchair is that you will get blisters, even if you use special padded wheelchair gloves. My husband pushed me down corridors, and I manoeuvred around the shops. I was stunned at the end of the day to have bleeding thumbs, and quite deep blisters.  This meant I couldn’t really make jewellery until they were healed, as surprisingly you use your thumbs a lot. I did try to continue my dragons, but had to give up. I was determined to create something though, so made some memory wire rings.rings 2 logo

On the bright side though, in December I was very lucky. I won a jewellery making hamper from Cookson Gold. This included lots, and lots of goodies. I now have a Dremmel 3000 to play with, a proper tumbler, and lots of other new quality tools. It even included some metal clay and a starter kit for it, so guess I will be learning that this year. This hamper really made my Christmas, as I know I would never have been able to justify the cost to myself of buying what was in it.

Not to be out done, my husband entered a Facebook competition run by JewelleryMaker and won it. He is very supportive of my jewellery making. When he saw that they were doing a competition for a voucher for a free workshop, he just had to enter it for me. I am still considering which workshop to do, as there are so many choices. Though I think it will probably be an Alison Tarry one, the designer who originally created the dragon design.

Yep, I’ve been lucky and not being able to make jewellery has enabled me to come up with lots of new design ideas.


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  1. Sore thumbs don’t sound good, my hubby was in a wheelchair for a short time, (he broke his back in a motorcycle accident) he’s back on his feet now but I remember his sore hands at the time. I’m glad your back to making things and lucky you on your great prize.

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    1. I am glad your hubby is now back on his feet. Thank you, my thumbs have healed now. I still can’t believe I won the hamper. 🙂


  2. Oh no, not the Tragic Centre! I hate it. And I love it. In equal measure :’)

    Hope your thumbs are feeling better now.


    1. Lol. Thanks, they are feeling better now.


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