Bead Me Magazine and Wire Writing

I post photographs of my latest jewellery creations regularly on Facebook. One of the places I post on is the Bead Me Magazine page. After sharing my Morse Code Hope Macrame Necklace, the editor of the magazine contacted me. She wanted to do a Designer Feature on me. I was stunned, and very pleasantly surprised. Does this mean I can call myself a designer now? Hopefully it does.

I am in issue 24 of Bead Me Magazine. I really like the title of the piece, ‘Eclectic Finch’, think it sums up my style. It is an interesting idea for a magazine, as it is meant to be read on your tablet. This means you can enlarge the photos in the tutorials. They also have video tutorials too within the magazine, fully taking advantage of the digital format. It can be read via Google PlayAmazon, Itunes, Nook, and your laptop.

Meanwhile, Folksy has run a little competition with the theme of ‘Merry Craftmas’. The aim is to try to get people to craft over Christmas. The competition was to come up with something that shows your craft with the words ‘Merry Craftmas’.

My first idea was to stamp that on an aluminium bracelet, but I thought that would be a bit boring. I liked the idea of writing with wire, only  one problem, I have never done that before. As always, my first stop was a book, this time ‘The art of solderless wireworking’ by J. Llewellyn. It has an entire section on letter forming, very useful and easy to follow.

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After working out the wire gauge in English (0.8mm) I got my tools and attempted my first letter.  It was tricky at first,  especially the ‘r’s, but once you get the hang of it, it is surprisingly easy. You construct the letters how you would hand write them, being careful to keep the sizes consistent.

Here is my finished piece. I used gemstone beads to give a feeling of a Christmas wreath.merrycraftmas square logo


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  1. Congratulations on the article/feature! I love your wire writing – amazing for a first attempt :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I am quite pleased with it too.


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