A Cat for a Competition

This week I was inspired to create a wire cat for a competition run by Jewellery Maker TV. Every Halloween, they run a prize draw for people to create something inspired by their guest designer, Alison Tarry. (Alison Tarry is the designer who Wire Pumpkin Necklace logodid the tutorial DVD  Wire Dragons, the one that taught me how to create the dragon ear cuffs.) The prize is a being able to attend one of her workshops for free. Last year it was pumpkins, and a created a chaos weave pumpkin pendant with a macrame necklace. Unfortunately, my name was not drawn.

I watched the tutorial of her cat sculpture, and one thing she said started me thinking. Alison commented that you could use an image from the internet or a photograph of your own cat to create your shape. My husband creates steampunk animal cards, and one of them happens to be a cat. He did not mind me using it for inspiration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a difficulty with the sharpness of the cogs. The little ones filed down, the bigger I had to use glue to smooth them. I decided to finish the cat as a necklace using the rosary style with aventurine. I think the green goes really well with the antique bronze. While creating the clasp it occurred to me that I could so something fun with the toggle, so added some ears and a curly tail.

I’ve not decided whether I will sell this piece or not, but I have now entered it into the competition. So fingers crossed.

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