Paracord, Paracord, and Paracord

I like making paracord bracelets, it’s like a quicker version of macrame because the cords are a lot bigger. Paracord or Paracute cord was originally used by US parachutes in WWII, it was used for the suspension lines. Once on the ground, the paratroopers tended to cut the lines to keep for future use. It is still used in the US army. NASA have even made paracord a vital part of an astronauts accessories on missions. It was used during space shuttle mission STS-82 to temporarily repair the Hubble Space Telescope. After WWII parachute cord became available to civilians first as military surplus items.

I mostly use 550 (7 strand) Type III Commercial Paracord from the USA. It is called 550 because it can hold up to 550 lb. The 7 strand refers to the 7 yarn

strands inside the cord that gives it its strength. The problem with this paracord is that it is not widely available in pastel colours. For those colours, I use paracord from Jewellery Maker TV, though it originates from China, it is of a comparable quality.

You do have to be careful when buying paracord because it can vary greatly in quality and thickness, especially if buying from auction websites. Always use a reputable seller who has a good reputation.

To create paracord bracelets, you will need:

  • paracordDSCN0515
  • buckle
  • a lighter
  • scissors
  • flat nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • paracord jig makes it easier (I got mine from Jewellery maker TV)

There are a lot of very good tutorials on You Tube on how to create paracord bracelets, so I will not go into that much detail here. My favourite design is known as the Shark Jaw Bone. The main thing you have to remember is that because paracord is thick you have to make the bracelets longer than you would think. For example, to fit an 8 inch wrist, I create a 9 and a half inch bracelet. The jig makes it a lot easier to get the right size, I cannot recommend it enough.

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I have created this bracelet in many different colours, and they are available to buy in my Etsy and Folksy shops. I make them to order, so that they can be the exact size and colour that the customer wants.

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