Dragon, Stamping, and a Rabbit

I’ve been quite busy making recently. I decided to create another dragon ear cuff, this time with navy blue wire. I liked the colour that much that I have kept some of the viking knit to create my own dragon necklace. I thought that the blue wire indicated that this new dragon would be an ice one.

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I wanted him/her to look slightly different. So the body is longer and the wings are in a different position. I like the final piece, it’s amazing how the same techniques can give dragons different personalities. You can currently buy this dragon in my Etsy shop.

I have sold a few of my chicken quote keyrings from my Unofficial Robert Rankin Collection, so I needed to stamp their replacements. I also took the opportunity to

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stamp some new quotes, and, shock horror, some non Robert Rankin things. After taking off the paint, I then use a tumbler to make them lovely and shiny. Then all I need to do is assemble them into keyrings.

It is tricky finding short enough quotes for keyrings. They have to be short and meaningful. I’ve added 3 new designs to the collection. These mention sprouts, DIMAC and bears. The non-Rankin designs include a love of books, and a love of chickens.

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Yesterday my husband brought home a wild rabbit. He had found it near a road, and it looked like it had been hurt. We gave it a warm and dark place to stay in our garden, and phoned the RSPCA for more advice. We hIMG_4655ad been doing the right thing, but the man on the phone said it sounded like the rabbit may have myxi, so needed to be confined. We put a box in the greenhouse with towels, water and grass for the rabbit over night. Today we were planning to take it to the vets. Unfortunately, the rabbit died over night. We comfort ourselves with the fact that we did all we could for the poor rabbit.

I would recommend that anyone who finds an injured wild rabbit phones the RSPCA for help and advice. They are really approachable, and don’t judge you for not knowing much about animals.


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