Bookmarks, Marbles and Cake

I get a regular order for gemstone bookmarks from a local high school librarian. I enjoy making these because I really love how they are going to be used. They are given as prizes to encourage teenagers to read, and I think that is very worthwhile.

A couple of years ago, I got the Gemstone bookmarks 1 logoopportunity to meet some of these teenagers during a workshop where I taught them how to create these bookmarks. They really did have a real appreciation for the beauty of the gemstones.

I often get carried away when I create these orders, and make more than I am required too. I have listed the 3 extra from this time in my Etsy shop. There are even more bookmarks in my Folksy shop.

I have also attended my second jewellery making group at the Craft and Crumpet Chocolate cakein Accrington. Again I was distracted by chatting, tea and cake. This time I actually remembered to take a photo of the cake, so that you can see how delicious it was.

The wire in the background is 0.4 mm, and I used it to teach the group how to create a wire wrapped marble pendant. I had previously had this tutorial published in Beads and Beyond Magazine, and the group had expressed interest in making it. After a few false starts, and people getting their heads around the design, everybody managed to create a beautiful pendant. In fact, one lady who had never created jewellery before was able to make it.  Below is the wire wrapped marble pendant that I created, it is not perfect as I kept having to use it as a demonstration one.Marble pendant

I like the idea of marble pendants. It means you always have your marbles, or at least know where they are. They are really unusual necklaces, quite quirky, and each one is individual. I have some in my Folksy shop that are available to buy.

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  1. Those bookmarks are really beautiful and unique!


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