Chocolate Cake and the Tree of Life

For the past few months I have been invited to join a jewellery making group, circumstances have stopped me from going until this month. The group meet at ‘The Craft and Crumpet’ in Accrington once a month to chat, eat cake and make jewellery. It is a friendly group of people at all levels of jewellery making, and all have different specialties.

This month was about creating Tree of Life pendants from wine charm findings. I didn’t want to create mine that way, as I’ve had an idea about wire weaving and trees of life for a while and thought this would be an ideal opportunity to try it out. That is the good thing about this group, if you want to do your own thing you can.

I didn’t get very far, as the Craft and Crumpet is also a lovely cafe. So a couple of cups of tea and a delicious chocolate cake (warmed, of course), stopped the creating. The chatting to like-minded people took up a lot of time too, it was lovely to connect with other jewellery makers in person. Most of them I had only previously talked to in a Facebook group.

My idea for the tree of life was to hide the wire where the tTree of life work in progressree attaches to the frame. I decided to do a simple weave and that did the trick. I thought I would use peridot as the leaves on the tree. The green is really bright and vibrant. The gemstone is the birthstone of August. The photograph to the side is as far as I got at the meeting.

It was fun to do something other than viking weave for a change, as recently I have been doing a lot to create dragons.

The finished Tree of Life is available in my Folksy shop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next month, I will be teaching the group how to create a marble pendant with wire. It will be the same as the tutorial that I wrote for Beads and Beyond Magazine. It is a good beginners project for those who want to learn how to encase a bead.


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