Cuff Links or Cufflinks?

Recently I have been making a point of buying square or rectangle gemstones that are big enough to make cuff links. I enjoy creating cuff links and my husband always helps out with his opinion about what would make the best ones.

While listing my latest creations on Etsy I noticed something that had never even occurred to me before. On Etsy cuff links is two words, however when I list my cufflinks on Folksy it is only one word. So I am confused. I would be interested to know how my readers spell it. For now, I am using both spellings in my tags and titles.

I’ve decided to start taking photographs as I am creating to give an idea about how my items are made. I tend to make cufflinks (cuff links) in a kind of production run, all at once.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love the fossil jasper strand (the brown one) as every gemstone on it is completely unique. And also I just like fossils, always have done. Amethyst cufflinksThe amethyst strand is such an unusual shape being a curved square that it really stands out. Unfortunately, not on my normal purple background, so will have to rethink how I will take the photographs to make the cufflinks look good. The rose quartz is such a delicate pink, that is really girly.

I always find it interesting how one design can look completely different depending on what type of gemstone is used in it.

These cufflinks can be found in my Etsy shop, or is that cuff links???

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