Dragons and a Broken Laptop

After I started this blog, my laptop broke and has been in repair land since. I thought I would take advantage of this break of computer use to learn some new skills and concentrate on making something. I decided on a wirework dragon, my sister had previously bought me Alison Tarry’s ‘Wirework Dragons’ DVD on the condition that I create one for her.

This was an interesting journey, as nearly every technique was brand new to me. I had to learn how to do Viking Knit. It is also known as trichinopoly chain. The earliest known use of this technique was in jewellery found in Scandinavia dating to the 9th century.  An example of this is on the British Museum’s website. There are many ways to start Viking Knit, I decided to use traditional wooden tools instead of the newer plastic ones.  I bought mine here.

The creation of the dragon took a long time. The fun was not knowing exactly how the dragon was going to turn out like. I had an idea that I wanted his wings to be folded when standing. I also decided to give him green and yellow agate eyes. The personality really came out while I was assembling him.

I am currently learning how to create a wire dragon ear cuff using similar techniques. Though I have some ideas for more dragon sculptures, if my laptop needs fixing again.

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  1. i love the little dragon!


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